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Small Business Funding
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As a leader in innovative retirement account solutions, we have helped thousands of people like you tap into the power of their IRAs. With our IRA/401k plans, you can use your retirement account to invest in things you control, from a piece of real estate to a new franchise - and just about everything in between.

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We offer customized retirement account structures that allow you to invest in a near limitless number of alternative investment or small business opportunities. Our Self Directed IRA and 401(k) Small Business Funding solutions let you aggressively build your retirement account while enjoying total control over your investments.

With both our small business funding and self-directed IRA plans, one flat fee covers all set-up components, rollovers, documentation, creation of new accounts, personalized concierge services, meeting of all compliance standards, outside attorney consultations, customer service for life, and much, much more.
Small Business Funding
Self Directed IRA

If you are looking to purchase an existing business or franchise, start one from scratch, or even fund a business you already own - our 401k Small Business Funding plan could be a great fit.

This is not a loan. With our 401k small business funding plan, your IRA makes a cash investment into your business in exchange for stock - just like if you were to buy stock in Microsoft or Apple.

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If you want to invest in alternative investments like real estate, tax liens, private notes, private placements, and so on, then our self-directed IRA plan is for you.

Our self-directed IRA allows you to invest in alternative investments, right alongside traditional ones. Why limit yourself to only what your broker can offer?

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